Skopelos Town-Detached House

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Skopelos Town-Detached House

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Perfect condition, 3-floor house, (plus a basement), in the heart of Skopelos Town.

This mansion is just a short distance from the main, ring-road of Skopelos town.

The ground floor consists of a kitchen and a large dining room as well as a fireplace.

An iron staircase leads to the 2nd floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom with shower.

There is one bedroom with one double bed and one bedroom with a single bed.

The next floor has a large living room with a second kitchen. The kitchen is open and right next to the living room.

On the same floor, there is another bathroom with shower.

Above the living room, there is a semi-basement with a study/office space and a storage area.

The furniture and linens are included in the price.



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